Coming soon

The new "ROTS Vader" type shoulder armor is now out of the prototyping stage. It is made using only the best materials and is very thick in it's fiberglass construction to last many years. We plan to have copies of these, (and other items as well), to share with others sometime after the first of the year, (2010).  


 And another project that has been in the works for some time is now beginning to take shape is our OT armor. It was sculpted using an older SSC sculpt as a base and has even underwent another minor design and sculpt change since these photos were taken. But now is far more like the ones that you would see in the movies.  This was photographed while still in the paint booth. And like most everything else that we do, is finished with urethane base coat/clear coat automotive paint. This design has seen a revision reciently. New photos are in the works very soon.  

shoulder armor

armor fully painted

Also of interest is a new online web forum linked to SSC. This is a place to talk about projects, and to gain feedback on them as well.

Please sign up at the following address.